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How to Record and Play Back Mouse Activity in macOS
Using Automator to Record and Play Back Mouse Actions

I would have given this 5 stars however, I think it needs start and stop points that can be moved along the time slider so you can therefore trim unwanted movenments from both ends. Other than that a great app. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Description Have you been looking for a tool to control some app that you just can't control with AppleScript or Automator? Information Seller Igor Belyaletdinov. Size 1.

Category Productivity. Compatibility OS X Languages English. A digital voice effect will confirm that recording has started and stopped when you successfully press your hotkeys. You can also set a delay before beginning playback or adjust the playback speed with the options at the bottom of the window.

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Thanks in advance, Nathan. Post navigation Previous story. Try now for free! Comprehensive, reliable automation for any software or business process. Smart algorithms can turn shaky mouse moves into nice curved or linear shapes. This is great for creating screencasts as it eliminates visual distractions.

No more doing the same task twice

Other mouse recording software may throw a dump of countless mouse coordinates to you as you can see in the left screenshot. However, this approach makes it difficult to edit a macro as clicks and key presses are buried under all the mouse coordinate events. Our Macro Recorder editor combines mouse moves between two clicks into one single mouse move action, that can be edited and re-arranged easily.

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Instead, it can wait for a web browser to finish loading a page or allows a program to complete its task, independent of the current CPU or network load. Macro Recorder auto-adapt to the actual time, the controlled programs needs to finish their job and then continues the automation.

Macro Recorder - Mouse Recorder

If you combine Macro Recorder with our productivity solution "PhraseExpress", you get a professional automation suite:. Automator is a popular Apple Mac application to automate tasks on the Mac. Macro Recorder has a different, more "visual" approach and is available for Mac and Windows.

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Instead of programming an Automator task, Macro Recorder allows you to simply record your actions just like a video tape recorder. However, you can then also edit the individual actions, similar to "Automator".

Using MurGaa Recorder to Record and Play Back Mouse Actions

Macro Recorder can also be used to auto-click in intervals. But Macro Recorder can do so much more. It can react and branch to different actions, depending on what is going on on the screen. A Macro Recorder is a tool that records macros. A macro is a sequence of user actions, such as mouse moves, keystrokes, clicks etc.

Macro recordings can be saved to a file for later use. It's like a bot that performs all the repetitive actions for you.