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And the camelot wheel which is available to use for MIK is very nice. Perhaps a way to get the keys in traktor adopted by more users is to develop a similar chart? Messages: 7. If you are on the latest version this does exactly what MIK does and you can just rescan your entire collection in Traktor and get exactly the same key information.

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I have a huge music collection and just left it running for the day to analyse and update all my tracks. In my experience, the results are fantastic and give you some additional confidence to drop into mixes a bit earlier and combine more of the harmonic elements without clashing keys.

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If like me you do not have perfect pitch, then this key information really helps your ear start to tune into "in key" mixes. I have many older tracks that have been analysed by Mixed In Key and have noticed something odd. If i put the 'key field' and 'key text field' next to each other i can compare the results between Mixed In Key and Traktor.

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I know each software uses a slightly different system but many, many tracks have completely inconsistent results. I thought all the '1m' tracks would have a different but consistent value, for example, all showing as '8A'. I've not used MiK so I can't offer a comparison - but Traktor does work well for me. Coincidentally Endo's published this on Dubspot. From any given position on the Camelot wheel, there are 3 adjoining positions that can be moved to. I've been going under the assumption that the inconsistencies between software are because there are actually more than 3 possible movements in key.

But no, the software sometimes gets it wrong and Traktor appears to be one of the worst!

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Damien Sirkis , Aug 30, Some times any software gets the key wrong and if you can't hear it classing. Headphones are to be trusted not some numbers on the screen. I've used MIK and Traktor, VDJ and for the time I'm using Mixvibes Cross all have key detection and it helps to find a song that might fit well but it's still the headphones that tell the truth. I use the Traktor one and it seems to work just as well.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Settings are here. And rumor has it the Mixed In Key dev's stole the code from this project, and now charge outrageous prices for essentially nothing.

Updating Mixed in key 5 to 7 changing the VIP Code from a windows to mac?

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Fuck that. Support free, open source software!

I'd like to know the statistical percentage of people who used to bother mixing in key before Mixed In Key was released I get the point, but come on, it's a tool, not a magic solution, as long as it doesn't become a crutch. I've been using Rapid Evolution from Mixshare for years now, it's great - and free!

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Ok so I just got the latest version of Traktor -- and I am curious to see how it stacks up against KeyFinder vs. Mixed In Key.

If anyone that has MIK and is interested in comparing a good tracks, let me know! The software will crash occasionally.

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My collection is seperated by genre, but I still had trouble with certain songs in certain situations. I have not tested multi-threading extensively, but what I did was just break up my batch jobs into smaller bunches and told the software to ignore tracks already analyzed. It took a little effort, but eventually you can get it to finish your library, or at least figure out where the trouble songs are. I'm a bit confused. I analyzed all of my music in itunes, but it still doesn't show the key in Traktor.